Saturday, November 16, 2002

Now it's Official

It took awhile, but I'm finally online at home. It took alot of convincing on my end, but mom finally caved in.

Hide the young boys, Ayngil is on the prowl.
Time for some controversy.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Back For Good

Well, it's official, I finally have a job and I'll be getting the net at home. It's been just too damn long since I've been in contact with all of my friends. Life just hasn't been the same without ya. Which means I'll have reguar posts here and at wwdn, but this also means but long awaited return on #wwdn-bac.
See ya all next weekend.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

Work Wanted

Let's see, I've been home for over a month now. And I still don't have a job. So, I need work. And I'm more than willing to travel to get some. I just have to be able to attend a local college. I'm a writer and an actor. I hate Michigan, does anybody have a place for me to stay?

Any suggestions?

Friday, May 10, 2002

Mama, I'm coming home.

Tonight is my last night here at NMC... tomorrow my mom is picking me up and taking me back to "Caddle-tracks"... Funny how we call a city named after a car that. Don't have much for interent access there. But don't fret now my friends, I wil be convincing my mom to let me get a cable modem for upstairs at our house... and if I have to, I'll take it with me when I come back here in the fall. I don't wanna be without the internet for even one day.
I'll miss you all...
Don't have too much fun without me.
love and kisses,

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

What they don't know...

It's probably a good thing that my parents won't ever find out about WWDN. I just realized this last night. There is plenty of things that they don't know about me that they are just better off keeping oblivious to. My mom only recently found out that I wasn't a virgin, and that's only if she read that one e-mail survey I did. My daddy thinks I'm an angel, even if I do bad things it's all right in his eyes. I don't know how they would take it if they found out I was bi. Don't know if I wanna know either.

Well, in other news, I'm still sick. I think it's evolved into a flu. I have a sinus headache and I can't concentrate on my work.

Soapbox is down at th moment...
Oh, the horrors we're all going through.
JBay, fix it... and soon!

Monday, May 06, 2002

It's Not Good Being Me

I woke up this morning feeling like shit...
first bad thing.
Then I got a 1.0 in my piano class...
I'll be taking that again in the fall.
Now, I've got to do a monologue for my acting class tomorrow...
I need mojo.

Finals Week

Ugh, this really blows. Test are hard, exams are harder. Today I have my first exam: piano. Tomorrow: acting. Wednesday: sci-fi/ fantasy. And Thursday: algebra. Yeah, I know, this semester is rather easy compared to what it could be; in the fall I'll be taking theory and sight seeing along with biology... fun, fun, fun... But I guess I'll do anything to be in the biz.

Oh, and for all who care, I'll be posting my "nekkid" pics later today in the box, if you don't go there and you just happened to trip on this site- sucks to be you.

Sunday, May 05, 2002

Okay, now I have a comments thing.
Have at, treat this first one like a g-bookie.
May 5th, 2002. First blog.
Hello and welcome to my blog. The few people that are going to come here are going to actually probably see this are from the box. So y'all already know me.
I'm going to use this to post poetry and songs that I write (hey, maybe even some of my stories too), and most likely cute young Wil pics... c'mon, ya knew I had to.
Thank you for stopping by and enjoy.